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Welcome, Parents!

Is your child experiencing difficulty with reading, writing and/or Mathematics? Perhaps, he/she is getting satisfactory results but lacks the confidence, skills and strategies necessary to achieve better marks. Private tutoring can give your child the ACADEMIC ADVANTAGE ! Achieving academic success provides a powerful foundation for future success.

My name is Debbie Stevens and, as a private tutor, I support students' educational needs so that each child can reach his/her full potential. I am an experienced and fully qualified teacher offering individual tuition in Maths and English for primary and secondary students.

Along with written work and online computer activities, I provide access to a large variety of hands-on teaching materials and games which enhance understanding and make learning fun. As students' skills and comprehension develop, so does their confidence and self-esteem.

If you are interested in finding out more about tutoring for your child, please phone or email me. 

I'm  here to help your child learn and grow.